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#1 •• 07/03 – 14/03

So here’s the program for our very first M’ATUVU session. We really did our best to present you some funky thingies.

7/03 Vernissage Expo:
20u: Atelier 21
20u30: Concert Screaming Bitches: Any woman telling she’s never been acting bitchy is lying.

+ afterparty @ Bellevue, Creative Brewery (Henegouwenkaai 43, Quai de Hainaut, 1080 BXL), icw STARTXXI – our Montpellier friends. Welcome!

7/03 till 19/03:
Expo Atelier 21 (Christophe Liekens & Erik Van Uytven)

Erik Van Uytven
Gevonden objecten uit de buurt worden gerecycleerd tot een collage.
Des objets trouvés du quartier sont recyclés jusqu’à un collage.
Objects found in the the neigbourhood will be recycled into a collage.

For this project he’s going to create a funky installation with objects he finds in the neighbourhood aroung the M’ATUVU. During the two weeks of residence the installation will grow and devellop. Cool! Or as he says in his own words:

“Mijn werk is opgebouwt uit gevonden objecten, er ontstaat een samenhang met geschilderde vlakken en vormen, gezeefdrukte posters en zwart-wit collages en paste ups. Ik transformeer kleine stukken papier, hout, advertenties en beelden uit de straat in nieuwe sculptureske collages.
Binnen mijn werk ga ik opzoek naar het recycleren van voorwerpen en hun functie, het proces en de zoektocht naar niewe vormen spelen een belangrijke rol in mijn werk en werkwijze.
Het werk voor de etallage in de Lakenstraat vertrek vanuit de buurt van de lakenstraat, wat wil zeggen dat ik na ga wat er in deze buurt leeft, wie er woont, de verschillende organisaties die er gevestigd zijn, vorige functies, enz… Binnen die omgeving verzamel ik allerlei voorwerpen en materialen, deze kunnen gaan van papier, karton, hout, een fietswiel, enz…,kortom ik Recycleer de buurt tot een nieuw collage. Het beeld dat uit deze recyclage zal groeien wordt een portret van de buurt.

Eric Van Uytven
le recolteur”

Christophe Liekens
Streetart; Art for Art’s sake. Interactie tussen foto’s, video en posters.
Streetart; Art for Art’s sake. Interaction entre des photos,des fragments vidéo et des affiches.
Streetart; Art for Art’s sake. Interaction between pictures,videoframents and posters.


Screaming Bitches!
And on friday 7th we have a nice present for you! A funky concert by our friends the Screaming Bitches! Be prepared!
Any woman telling she’s never been acting bitchy is lying. This vocal ensemble, created by four jazz singers, is drawing its inspiration and energy from this very character of the female nature. They mainly perform own compositions which are ridiculously absurd, extremely beautiful, full of energy and absolutely sensuous. Here and there you might find a trace of folk, cover or even free improvisation…

Check out their myspace:

Afterparty STARTXXI
Specially for you, we invite you all to the afterparty at the Bellevue – Creative Brewery. Our cool french friends from Montpellier will throw in a great party in our own – collective café. You’re all welcome to join us and experience the vibe from this cool place.
STARTXXI is a collective of young architects studying and working in BXL. And they know how to party! 😉
You can find the Bellevue at Henegouwenkaai 43, Quai de Hainaut. It’s near the canal. You know… the big building with ‘Bellevue’ and ‘Geuze’ and stuff written on it. Near Deco-Design, Walvis, …
An old brewery if that makes more sence…


21/03 Vernissage Expo:
20u: Graphite Paintings

21/03 -2/04
Graphite paintings
Wim Van Belle

Droodles, die hun weg vinden op groot formaat.
Droodels, qui trouvent leurs chemin sur un grand format.
Droodles, who find their way on a large scale.

04/04 Theater:
19u – Film screening: Container van/de Lukas Moodysson (70″)
20u30 – Theater/Théatre: Le Bjarne Riss Ensemble: In progress

4/04 – 16/04
Le Bjarne Riss Ensemble
In progress

Werkperiode met aan de basis de Film CONTAINER van Lukas Moodysson.

Het Bjarne Riss Ensemble krijgt gedurende twee weken residentie in M’ATUVU naar aanleiding van hun recentste productie. Het ensemble zal werken/oefenenen/repeteren en plain publique, in de vitrine. Een openlijk werkproces, maar eveneens een twee weken durende performance.

Période de travail basée sur le film CONTAINER de Lukas Moodysson.
Work period based on the movie CONTAINER from Lukas Moodysson.


Ready, steady, GO!

what they call some ‘creative thinking’ by Jos-A

OK. After hours and hours and hours of creative thinking as you can see, our MATUVU concept is ready to rock the world!
To be honest, we didn’t expect the concept of free exhibition space for young artists to be so successfull. The word spread around quickly, and before we realised it we had so many requests that we really had to do some serious head-scratching.

Anyway. The whole JosWorld crew really did their best to present you a nice new concept, with a funky program for the next couple of months. We really encourage you to drop by our shopwindow and have a look, or better, to participate and show your own creativity to the world!

Hello world!

You’re a creative person and you would like to exhibit your work ?
You have something to show the world?

Then you’ll have the possibility to show yourself by means of the project « M’ATUVU ». Maybe you will soon be able to admire your own work in the exhibition space of JosWorld. This space will be thrown open for expositions, completely low profile. Also music, theatre, dance and performance will be given a chance, as long as creativity makes up the central concept.

« M’ATUVU » is a project of JosWorld, a graphics collective and non-profit organization that wants to inject new life into the cultural world by means of inventive and creative projects. The exhibition space of the collective is situated in Lakensestraat, in the middle of the Brussels cultural neighbourhood. Here Josworld organizes exhibitions, but also happenings and performances. The main commitment of this all: creating a dazzling dynamism between creative persons, artistic projects and the cultural neighbourhood.

The « M’ATUVU » shopwindow is available for individual artists or collectives for 2 week periods.
This way we want to maintain a dynamic creative flow, and give as much artists as possible the chance to expose their ideas.

We are actively on the lookout for – and encouraging people to show off their work. This way we want to build a complete network of young creatives.
Interested? Just email us at That’s it!…


M'ATUVU is a project of Josworld - Designers Collective. Every month we organise a cool event, exposition, concert or whatever in our funky shop window in Brussels city center. We encourage you to drop by, or better, to participate and show your creativity to the world!

M'ATUVU - Creative Shopwindow Lakensestraat 113, rue de Laeken 1000 BXL (near KVS - flemish theatre)