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#14 •• 13/10 – 24/10 |‘WHERE THERE IS BEAUTY, THERE IS A PICTURE’ KODAK – Ariane Loze & Rebecca Lenaerts (be)

# Showing •• 24/10 – 20:30 (flemish)

WHERE THERE IS BEAUTY, THERE IS A PICTURE’ KODAK is a live performance with old slides from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Someone who thought it was worth it has taken these photos. But these photos have been abandoned, thrown away.

Who are the people on these pictures?

What happened at the moment the pictures were taken?
And most of all, what do they try to tell us?

‘WHERE THERE IS BEAUTY, THERE IS A PICTURE’ KODAK is a still image story with an uncompleted storyline. It’s a performance based on our interpretation of images and on the associations we can create between them.

It’s a performance about our ability to rethink our biography and our habit to archive our life.

Next showings on 21.11 (Flemish) at 12.30 and 20.30
@ De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussel




M'ATUVU is a project of Josworld - Designers Collective. Every month we organise a cool event, exposition, concert or whatever in our funky shop window in Brussels city center. We encourage you to drop by, or better, to participate and show your creativity to the world!

M'ATUVU - Creative Shopwindow Lakensestraat 113, rue de Laeken 1000 BXL (near KVS - flemish theatre)