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#12••30/04 – 19/05 | “All under heaven, One family” – Hui Qin Peng

Vernissage •• 30/04   19:00 – 22:00

Hui Qin Peng  emigreerde in 1989 naar België en verweeft in zijn werk de zoektocht naar zijn herkomst, Gevormd door het traditionele, gesloten China wil hij zijn herinneringen aan zijn Chinese familie verbinden met de vrijheid van een westerse kunstenaar. Het gebruik van gaasdoek maakt de blik op zijn werk onscherp waardoor hij een ruimte creëert tussen echt en onecht, tussen droom en realiteit.

Hui Qin Peng  émigre vers la Belgique en 1989 et tisse dans son travail la recherche de ses racines. Formé dans une Chine traditionnellement fermée il essaye de lier à ses souvenirs familiaux la liberté d’expression offerte aux artistes en Occident. L’utilisation de matériaux tels la gaze met un voile de flou et de mystère avant de permettre au spectateur de pénétrer le cœur même de son travail. Ce flou crée l’espace entre le réel et l’irréel, entre le rêve et la réalité.

Hui Qin Peng  immigrated to Belgium in 1989 and has carefully woven into his work a constant search for his roots. Educated in traditional China, he has tried to build the link between his family’s traditions and the freedom of expression which he discovered in Europe. The use of transparent materials such as gauze puts a blurred veil of mystery before allowing the spectator into the heart of his artwork.  This blurred effect puts a breathing space between real and unreal, between dream and reality.


#11••12/04 – 27/04 | Scientifico-experimental-tecno-color-movement | Vanessa Donoso Lopez

Vernissage •• 16/04 – 19:00
•• 25/04 –  from 19:00 – 21:00

I create scenarios with endless imagery and references, where unusual animated constructions of hybrid worlds and separate disciplines coexist. I collect and create objects, images, scientific experiments, paper sculptures, videos, toys and mechanisms that I use to develop new interpretations of my own life and life around me.

The aim of my work is to explore concepts of memory and identity through a ‘playful objecthood making‘ in what i consider to be my science experimentation laboratory. Scientific experimentation is a process that I use to gain greater understanding of the concepts i use through its engagement with materials. My working process is concerned with the ‘wanting’ of an object- a need to recreate the memory of the powerful impact the subjects of the work have had on me. The making of the work allows me to keep something of this powerful experience.

Physically this technique evokes the processes of reflection, memory, loss and the yearning for another time as the connotations of conscious thought disperse, giving way to unconscious states of familiarity and recognition.

Concepts of ‘home’ ’childhood’ and ’space’ are interrogated, sometimes in a melancholic way, as a sense of loss but also to explore the space paradoxically. This fact might give a false sense of security, where there is always something more disturbing in a subversion of the mundane. The child, childhood, is inside us and outside us, it is a point of reference of our own, close and direct; present both in the real sphere and in the symbolic sphere. I explore taboos and fantasies, which are presented as children’s games, revealing how most fetishist behaviours spring from childhood impressions. Play, making and learning are fluidly integrated in contemporary visual art like in many other cultural creative fields.

Something unquantifiable about the forms I look at and make moves and captivates me. Objects and their contexts are explored and manipulated to create what appears to be ambiguous works seemingly caught in a ‘domestic third space’ transforming empty white cubes into fantastical narrative generating a dialogue between psychological and physical space.

My own nature, as a Spanish artist living in Ireland, accentuates all these concepts. I am close to be obsessed with placing my self in locations, cultures and landscapes previously unknown to me. I live struggling with language and cultural barriers, purposefully removed and often -almost- isolated.

Opnening Times: Tuesday – Saturday from 14:00 – 18:00
or by appointment:, 00353 8761 22527


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