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#14••15/06 – 30/07 | ‘REVIEW AND UPDATE’ – Sculptures, prints and groundmarkings by Koen Moerenhout

1st presentation on friday 23.07.10
2nd presentation on friday 30.07.10
from 19:00 – 22:00

at M’ATUVU !
Lakensestraat 113 Rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels



M'ATUVU is a project of Josworld - Designers Collective. Every month we organise a cool event, exposition, concert or whatever in our funky shop window in Brussels city center. We encourage you to drop by, or better, to participate and show your creativity to the world!

M'ATUVU - Creative Shopwindow Lakensestraat 113, rue de Laeken 1000 BXL (near KVS - flemish theatre)